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Test Session Today

I attended our local club test session today as a VE. We typically hold these sessions at the Brownsville Mall food court. This usually been ok as there are few folks out and about at 9am Saturday morning. Today however, several hundred kids and their parents were waiting for Santa to arrive along with a radio simulcast and other really loud entertainment. Doh!

We had two candidates take the exam under these conditions and to their credit both passed the Technician exam and both attempted the General exam after. Congratulations to two new hams in our area!


License Test Session Yesterday

We held a license exam session yesterday and had two candidates pass. One new ham with a Technician class license and one upgrade to General. Congratulations!

Successful Test Session

We had a successful test session yesterday morning at the Sunrise Mall Food Court. Two candidates gained their Technician Class license and one candidate upgraded to General Class. Congratulations!

Attended my first Exam session as a VE

I attended my first exam session today (almost a year to the day that I got my ticket) at the Sunrise Mall Food court. We had two candidates taking the exam today and both passed the Technician exam. We suggested that they try and take the General class exam and they did but did not pass. Good experience anyway for them to try out the General exam.