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Annual Yard Clean Up is Finished…Well Almost

Took some time over the last few days to get the yard cleaned up and trees pruned. Although the National Weather Service shows our precipitation year to date tracking as normal for the area, it just seems dry. April May and June are wet months for us so hopefully it will pick up. The impact all thi shas on my ham radio activities is that I had to pull up my test vertical antenna and the ground radials in order to cut the grass. Now that all this is done I can look at installing the radials permanently. All of this is in advance of testing some more verticals before I install the S9V31 antenna permanently. Currently I am planning to try the vertical as a resonant 40m/15m antenna with radials, the end fed antenna with the 9:1 matchbox connected to the ground radial field and finally the s9v31 with a remote tuner and the radial field. Overall I am getting close to completing my tests and getting my final configuration on the air.


17m Is Alive and Well

Noticed that 17m has been open in the morning and early afternoon into Europe and Central & South America. I made some SSB contacts as well as a bunch of JT-65. So now I am operating a bit more as I recover from the surgery. Can’t really work on my antennas yet although I do have plans for installing the S9V31 soon. I will be laying out at least 16 radials and will use the LDG RT-100 remote tuner I just acquired used at the base of the antenna. Hopefully the doc will clear me to do some light work next week about the time the tuner arrives.

Planning My New Base Antenna

I am making plans to setup my S9V31 antenna as my new base antenna. I have tested a similar arrangement with a 4:1 balun and 12, 16ft radials with no issues. I have found a used RT-100 remote tuner which I will use at the base of the antenna.When it arrives and I get some strength back I’ll set it up in the yard about 30 feet from the house.

Testing proceeds on the 30 foot Vertical

I setup the travel mast as before with 30 ft of #16 wire strung up vertically. This time I connected it to a 4:1 balun and added 12, 16 ft radials layed out on the grass. Where there is little space I just wrapped and folded the radials to fit the available space. It is located about 20 feet from the house. This is a temporary rig to evaluate its performance versus the end feed version. Right now I am running 1W WSPR on the 20m band. Here is the 24 hour performance:


This worked out to 108 unique spots…not enough to make the challenge board but still respectable. Will complete these next 24 houyrs at 00:00 UTC and then switch to 40m for two days. I’ll then do the same with the end fed match box.