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Simplified Antenna Tuning

I use an MFJ-939 Autotuner with the Icom 7300 and until today I have had to run the down the power manually, change modes to RTTY and provide a carrier to tune. I just installed the MFJ-5114I interface cable to the rig and can now initiate a tuning cycle by pressing the tuner button on the rig. When pressed and held for 1 second, the rig drops power to 10W , switches to CW and sends a carrier. The tuner then returns a match and the rig goes back into its previous mode. Nice.

This never worked with the Yaesu version of the cable on my FT-450D as described in previous posts. I did have to open up the tuner and change some jumpers per the MFJ manual but not really a big deal.


MFJ-939Y Tuner Update

I like the MFJ-939Y tuner over the YT-450 from LDG that I used before. The tune cycle is very fast and works well with my end fed antenna. As I have discussed on my initial post on this subject, the only issue I am having is with getting the tuner to work with the Yaesu FT-450D as indicated in their manual and literature. It is supposed to work just like having a Yaesu FC-40 tuner connected to the rig.The first issue was a bad MFJ-5514Y interface cable to connect to the rig. It took a while to identify this as the problem but MFJ sent a replacement. With this new cable the rig and radio started talking to each other. The radio starts a tuning cycle but never releases control back to the radio. My next call to MFJ and it was suggested that his was a firmware problem and that they could send me a new MCU chip with the updated firmware. I replaced the chip but the problem persists. Next step would be to send the whole unit in for repair. I have decided that I will live with the issue and continue to activate a tuning cycle with the C.S./SWR key. The downside is that I cannot do this remotely and I have to hold it down long enough to ensure a proper match.

I cannot fault MFJ for their efforts to resolve the problem. When you call them you get a real live person and they will make every effort to resolve the problem and ship the replacement parts in a very timely manner. What does concern me is that the cable issue was clearly quality control problem that could be resolved fairly easily on their end.

If anyone else has the SAME problem with this tuner and finds a fix please let me know. For now I am done with messing with this and plan to move on.

MFJ-939 Autotuner First Impressions

I received the MFJ-939 yesterday without incident. The unit came with the MFJ-5114Y interface cable to use with my Yaesu FT-450D radio. The radio also comes with a banana plus to connect a longwire antenna and a DC power cord. First up, I wired the power cord with Anderson Powerpoles. After disconnecting the LDG tuner and reconnecting the radio PC interface directly to the radio (rather than passing through the LDG tuner) I went ahead and connected the new tuner. This was pretty straightforward. Coax connections from the radio and to the antenna and ground wire were connected pretty easily. The interface cable uses an 8 pin din connector to connect to the rig and the other end is an RJ-45 connector. I went ahead an ran through the reset and self tests on the tuner and no problems were indicated. On the Yaesu, this tuner is supposed to emulate the Yaesu FC-30/FC-40 autotuners when using the interface cable. The rig is configured to use external ATU. All in all the wring and configuration were very easy. Unfortunately, I could not get the tuner to work with the FT-450D in this configuration. So much for plug and play…sigh.

I spent the next couple of hours debugging the problem and searching the internet for any clues. Basically what was happening is that when I press the tune button the rig nothing would happen with the tuner. The tuner light would blink and then the antenna light would start blinking. I disconnected the cable and manually tried to tune by first applying a 5W  CW signal then hitting the tune key on the tuner. This time things started happening and a match was found. So at least now I know the tuner operates properly just not in FC-30 configuration. After playing around with the connections several times I finally just left the interface cable off. I programmed the FT-450D Voice/C.S. key to activate SWR mode which sends out a 10W CW carrier. When I press and hold this key the tuner automatically starts up and finds a match. This is really quick.

I called MFJ Technical support this afternoon and it was refreshing to have a person answer the phone after two rings. I described the problem to him and told him my suspicion was a bad cable. He felt the problem was more likely with the firmware on the tuner and suggested the Voice/C.S. workaround. No resolution to the interface cable problem but he was going to try and get me the cable pinout.

I went ahead and started playing with the tuner and even with the terrible band conditions today confirmed that everything still works. I made contacts to Colorado, Brazil, Guatemala, Canada and Bonaire. I like that the tuner finds a match so quickly and it really facilitates changing bands quickly with my DXtreme Antenna.

I tested the cable pinout a bit and found some things that just don’t look right so I will likely call MFJ again tomorrow and share my findings. I am still thinking that the cable has a problem. Specifically that lines 7 and 8 on the RJ-45 are reversed. I will measure again tomorrow then call up MFJ and see if I can get a confirmation on what the pinout should be.

Overall the tuner is a keeper just a bit more hassle getting it working than I expected.

UPDATE: Just to be clear the tuner itself performs as it should. Last night I carefully checked the cable pinout against the FT-450D and MFJ tuner manuals. From what I can see it looks like pin 7 and pin 8 on the RJ-45 side of the cable are switched. I have sent my observations to MFJ and opened a trouble ticket. I do not have the tools to attempt a rewire of the connector so I will see if MFJ will make good on the cable.

UPDATE (11/18/15): MFJ confirmed that the cable is not wired right, specifically that pin 7 and pin 8 are swapped. They have promised to send an updated cable today.

UPDATE (11/30/15): New cable arrived and I verified the cable was wired correctly. There is communications now between the rig and tuner now but I still have an issue. Pressing tune on the radio starts the tuning cycle, the tuner finds a match BUT it never returns control to the radio. I’ll call MFJ again tomorrow and see if this is what the firmware change fixes.

UPDATE (12/1/15): MFJ is sending a new chip containing updated firmware. They are not sure that this will fix the issue but its worth a try. If this doesn’t work I will need to send the unit in for a swap or just live with the problem. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE (12/8/2015): Received and replaced the MCU chip with the new firmware. The swap was pretty straight forward and it helps that I had an IC puller. After opening the cover you need to remove the front panel and then the circuit board attached to the panel. After swapping out and reassembling the tuner I hooked up the cable and set the rig to external tuner. Same behavior as before, i.e. the tune cycle starts but control is not returned to the rig. So this is my final update on this. I don’t plan on returning the unit to MFJ as the SWR button workaround still works and I don’t want the downtime this close to the holidays.