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Exploring a New Digitial Mode: FT8

Joe Taylor is testing a new digital mode called FT8. The development version of WSJT-X software now supports this mode. FT8 ( Franke-Taylor design, 8-FSK modulation) works similar to the more familiar JT-65 and JT-9 modes except the T/R cycle completes in just 15 seconds thus greatly reducing the time to complete a QSO. The bandwidth of the signal is 47 Hz and the decoding threshold is -20dB.


I downloaded the development version this morning and tried FT8 on 40m. There were just a few signals but I did close my first QSO. Pskreporter showed my signals was also being received in Australia this morning. Some things to note: Logging may not work and I understand that LoTW does not recognize FT8 as of yet. Also, the software autoexecutes the T/R sequence once the QSO starts. You have less than 2 seconds to select the station to respond too!


First JT9 QSO

Finally got WSJT-X configured to run JT-9 transmissions. I had a few initial problems related to the way I had the rig configured. I sent out a CQ and got a call back from Florida. I was operating on 5W on 40m in the early evening. Overall very similar to JT-65 but with a much tigher bandwidth and much lower noise floor. Looking forward to playing with this mode now as well.