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CW Academy on Hold

I had to drop out of my CW Academy classes due to¬† the health problems. The good news is that I still remember and can send the alphabet and numbers at 20 WPM. I am getting recordings of all the classes and will have some time to practice reading the code and trying to follow QSO’s. The class has been great by the way and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to learn CW.


CW Progress

I am on lesson 6 of the CW Academy course. We meet twice a week online via Skype. Our sixth meeting will be tomorrow evening. So far I have learned to recognize 17 characters of the alphabet. I learned two additional ones to complete my name and call sign. We have covered 6 out of ten numerical digits plus a question mark. I am finding my progress to be quite good in learning individual characters and in sending with these characters. We are learning at a 20 WPM rate. I can read a bit slower than I can send and I often need to hear it a few times to get it right. We are concentrating on doing head copy. Overall this is good progress¬† compared to trying this alone. Expect to have the whole alphabet and numbers down in two more weeks. Will be practicing basic QSO’s after that.

Been a Tough Week…

First week of 2017 was not too good here at the QTH. My second amazon branded USB hub died on me this week. This caused havoc again with my digital and rig control setups.These are getting hard to find in local stores so I ordered a 10-port hub from amazon. This one has a nice hefty power supply and is doing the job well.

Tuesday, my cable internet went down hard. Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) did not send a tech out until Thursday noon. Looks like the same issues as usual, i.e. low signal strength from the street. In goes an amplifier again at the cable box outside. They also replaced my cable modem for good measure. No internet means no spots on WSPR or Pskreporter let alone be able to work from home.

I attended my first CW academy class on Tuesday but had issues with Skype as I was using a cell phone hot spot. Got through the session but was not able to attend the second this week due to an unexpected family obligation. Overall, the class is going very well. I am sending better than I can read at this point but keeping up with the daily practice.