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Winding Toroids on a Rainy Day

The replacement T200-6 toroid for theĀ  phase transformer arrived today along with a couple of cheap Balun Kits. I bought a roll of of #18, 5 conductor thermostat wire at Home Depot and used that for the windings. Here is the winding for the phase transformer:


I’ll be mounting this in a 4x4x2 electrical junction box.

I also built up a 4:1 balun for some dipole experiments I plan to run using ladder line:



Buddipole 1:1 Current Balun

Here is the 1:1 Current Balun for the Homebrew Buddipole antenna. I sourced the parts kit from Ebay and just had to assemble it as before. This is ready to test as soon as tomorrow. I am planning to setup the 30 ft military pole with the Buddipole for the first time tomorrow if the wind cooperates. This should work very well at 30 ft!

Photo Jun 13, 2 49 18 PM

Photo Jun 14, 5 25 02 PM

Finished the 1:1 Current Balun

The problem with the balun as I originally constructed seems to be related to contact resistance on the balanced side. I plan to use this on a 1/4 wave vertical so I modified the case to accept a coax connection from the balanced side. It now tests flat SWR across the band. I added a Mega Ohm resistor across the feed point to bleed off any static that may build up on the vertical antenna. Here is what it ended up looking like:


Building my First Balun

Sometime ago I bought some simple balun kits from Ebay. These are very inexpensive (~$10) and are designed to run no more than about 200W. They are from China so the instructions are sparse. I am wiring this as a 1:1 current balun to use in a quarter wave 20m vertical I am going to build to test against the end feds.I have the radial plate ready for this and just need to cut the radiator wire to length.I’ll only need 16 ft or so of mast to support it. Here is a view of the balun being built: