I am originally from Mercedes, TX and have been living in Brownsville, TX since 1984.

I recieved my Amateur Extra license as KG5EAO in 2014 and have been enjoying making voice and digital contacts on HF. I am using an ICOM 7300 and an ICOM 7100 with a MFJ-939 autotuner. I use a 53′ Ultimax DXtreme end-fed running horizontally along the length of my house about 20 feet off the ground and a homebrew 1/4 wave vertical for 20m and 40m. I am using Ham Radio Deluxe for rig control and an SDRplay with HDSDR as a sort of panadapter.

I have a portable, solar powered station based on a Yaesu FT-817ND with an LDG Z817 autotuner for QRP operation. I also use a Yaesu FT-450D for portable use. For portable antennas I use a homebrew Buddistick, Buddipole, Magnetic loop or an EFHW vertical antennas.

I am also interested in various antenna designs and analysis using EZNEC. I have tested a 2m Moxon antenna and a 4 element 2m Yagi for use in valley-wide simplex with encouraging results. I am testing a variety of HF antennas in mainly vertical configurations. These include resonant 1/4 wave vertical for both 40m and 20m, non-resonant verticals 31 feet long and EFHW verticals. Many of these are testing using WSPR.

I am active on JT-65 and SSB and am in the process of learning CW.

For 2m and 70cm I use two Baofeng HT’s for mobile/portable and the IC-7100 for a 2m/70cm base station. My base station is currently using a discone antenna. I typically monitor the local STARS 147.04 repeater and 146.52 simplex here in my area. I also monitor local DMR repeater.


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