Not Even in May Yet and Already Near 100° F…

…and did I mention the winds? Been hard to play with the vertical antennas these last few days. It is very hot outside and the wind is blowing up to around 30 MPH. The tests I was doing with the end fed in vertical configuration had to be halted yesterday as the mast collapsed again. I have a major construction project about to begin next week in the backyard so this is not the right time to deploy the radial field.

After giving it some thought I sent up the 40m 1/4 wave vertical as before. This time I am using duct tape on the travel mast and it seems to be holding together better. The other big change is that I am using only four ground radials each 27 feet long. This will make it easier to pick up if the construction requires me to move. How does it work with only four radials? Surprisingly good! Made several contacts during the Florida QSO party on 40m SSB without issue. Used the tuner to match on 20m and 17m and made several solid contacts on those bands as well including an SSB contact to Spain on 20m. Will be running WSPR tests on various bands over the next few days as NO5V/6. Hope the duct tape holds!


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