Checking Solar Panels for Portable Use

Decided to check the batteries and solar panels for portable use. Good thing I did as there is a fault of some kind on the 60W folding panel I bought off of Ebay. It started reading ~15V in bright sun but when I folded it up and then later took it out again is showing no voltage. I am going to have to open it up and debug the issue. Meanwhile I have two 4S, 10Ahr LiFePo batteries on the way. I plan to replace the Lead Acid SLA batteries in my go-boxes with these.

Update 4/20/17: The panel is hosed. I am going to try and salvage some of the cells and try to eventually rebuild it. This was a great idea but a poorly executed panel. I’ll likely buy a 50W foldup panel soon as a replacement although the other panels I have will work fine. The LiFePo batteries arrive today so I will be reconfiguring my go kits this weekend (hopefully).


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