Installed the RA0SMS Recieve Antenna

Installation of the mini-whip antenna wa straightforward the nice I had all the proper connectors and adapters. I tie wrapped the antenna to a 4 foot length of dowel stick and stuck it between the roof and gutter. It is up about 12 feet. I am using a length of RG-6 TV cable as a feed line to the window feed panel. Inside the shack I have a short length of coax to the bias-t and another to the SDRPlay reciever. Rigged up a power cable to provide the 12V needed to power the antenna through the coax. Did it work?

Well yes! It works quite well actually. It is marginally better than discone on 20m thru 10m and significantly better on 160m thru 40m. I’ll likely try and get some more height outside and clean up the wiring a bit. It is now my dedicated antenna for my panadapter.


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