Vertical End Fed Antenna on 40m

The vertical end fed antenna using the 9:1 matchbox and 30 feet of wire has looks like a winner on 40m WSPR. It did not make the WSPR challenge board but has shown a respectable 120 unique contacts and a nice spread of DX stations.The mast has held up nicely with a bit of electrical tape at the joints. Here is the 24-hour WSPR map:



One response to “Vertical End Fed Antenna on 40m

  1. John April 10, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    Hi. A satisfying picture! On an earlier post you mentioned comparative tests using WSPR. I have a system which will alternate antennas and can easily collect data for comparison. My problem is how to get Excel (which I am not good at) to separate reports by time so that paired spots can be analysed. In your report you implied that you were grappling with the worksheets. I wonder if you ever did find a way of displaying paired results without wading through hundreds of spots individually? If so could you give me any idea of how? (even just knowing that it can be done would be encouraging). 73 John G0UCP


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