The RA0SMS Mini-Whip Antenna

I just received a mini-whip antenna from RA0SMS in Russia.The mini-whip is an active receive antenna that is particularly useful in the low bands. I plan to set this up outside and up as far as I can get it. I’ll use 75Ohm cable TV feed line to bring it in the shack and connect it directly to the SDR play receiver. I have been sharing the discone with my VHF rig and the SDR play so I switch between them when I need the SDR as a panadapter. I am hoping this antenna will work well so I can dedicate it to the panadapter function on HF. The antenna consists of the external antenna and circuitry in a PVC case and a small bias-t box to send 12V up the cable to power it.Here is what it looks like after I unboxed it:



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