40m JT-65 and the Change to Daylight Savings Time

Early morning hours favor The Western Pacific and Asia on 40m lately. This has been confirmed using WSPR data on the 30 foot end fed vertical. Day light savings time means it stays dark longer in the early morning here at the QTH. I tried 40m JT-65 and it was very active with stations showing up in Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines and China. I did make one contact with a station in the Philippines which was a first for me. The band started dying out about 9am. This looks a great opportunity to work Asia DX even when band conditions are slow (SFI:70 SSN:0). I’ll hopefully try again tomorrow.

Update: 17m is open to Europe in the mid to late morning hours. It is 11am local time here and there is still a lot of activity on JT-65.


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