Ready to Deploy a 1/4 Wave Vertical on 20m

Now that I have completed the 1:1 current balun I have built a simple wire harness to connect the vertical wire and ground radials for a 1/4 wave 20m vertical. I’ll be starting with 16-1/2 feet of 12 gauge speaker wire and trimming it as necessary to achieve resonance. I’ll use the 12, 16 foot radials I tried before and may add some longer ones before I am done. I was about to go out and set this up but I am still running the end fed wire with he 9:1 matchbox on 20m WSPR and it seems to be doing quite well today. I’ll let it run through 00:00 UTC and see how the WSPR challenge score adds up. I’ll setup the 1/4 Wave vertical sometime tomorrow. I am building this antenna primarily to test against the other combinations and compare to N5CEY’s similar antenna in Los Fresnos. My next step will be to run up the 31 foot wire and use the LDG RT-100 autotuner at it’s base. This mess of wires is the antenna before deployment:



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