Noise Raises its Ugly Head

I am seeing some weird noise on mainly the low bands here with the new vertical antenna. It is fairly broadband and the rig’s noise blanker seems to effectively null it but I would like to track down the source.The weird part is that is seems to go away on it’s own during daylight hours and return in the evening. I haven’t been able to track a specific time yet. I suspect somethjing here in the shack is causing the problem. I walked around the property yesterday with a battery powered receiver and I see the noise coming from the wall around my workstation. I suspect a bad patch cable as this has caused problems before and I did add some patch cables that may be a bit dodgy.


One response to “Noise Raises its Ugly Head

  1. kb5zcs January 19, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Knowing P.U.B. it might be an Leakey Transformer near you,most power line noise is Horizontal Polarized do you have the same noise on a Dipole antenna 73’s…….


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