CW Progress

I am on lesson 6 of the CW Academy course. We meet twice a week online via Skype. Our sixth meeting will be tomorrow evening. So far I have learned to recognize 17 characters of the alphabet. I learned two additional ones to complete my name and call sign. We have covered 6 out of ten numerical digits plus a question mark. I am finding my progress to be quite good in learning individual characters and in sending with these characters. We are learning at a 20 WPM rate. I can read a bit slower than I can send and I often need to hear it a few times to get it right. We are concentrating on doing head copy. Overall this is good progress¬† compared to trying this alone. Expect to have the whole alphabet and numbers down in two more weeks. Will be practicing basic QSO’s after that.


One response to “CW Progress

  1. kb5zcs January 19, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    Looks like you are moving up the alpha ladder,Rick i used to be able to copy and send at 10 words a Min. back in the early 90’s i have been an Ham for 25 years now just lost the felling for it over time but might some day get back in to it,take care and 73’s ………


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