New Antenna Shootout in the Works

We are sinking into the low period of the sun cycle and the bands have been reflecting the changes. 12m and 10m are largely closed these days. 15m opens sporadically. 17m is ok during the day but isn’t what it was a few months ago. 40m and 20m are the workhorses these days so I am looking at getting an antenna up that will help run on those bands in particular. I was very enthused by the results on WSPR on 20m of the end fed vertical. I am looking at making this a bit more permanent. I have an S9V31+ that has been gathering dust since I bought it. My plan is to set it up here at the QTH. The thing I am going to be evaluating is whether to run it as an end fed or a 1/4 wave vertical with radials. The only reason I am considering the end fed version is that I don’t have a lot of room for radials thanks to some landscaping and pavers in the backyard. I have setup the travel mast again as an end fed vertical using the Ultimax 100 matchbox. I am running WSPR on it over the next few days on various bands to collect some data. I’ll then lay some short radials and run the same length as a 1/4 wave vertical with a 4:1 balun.I expect very similar performance but the data will tell the tale.Whatever works best will be how I configure the S9V31+.

I ran some SSB contacts with it this afternoon on 20m with some good signals reports coming from Nebraska. Also running A vs B against my horizontal end fed was showing about a 2-3 S unit difference in the noise floor with the vertical. I’ll be working to evaluate that as well.


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