Testing of the 40m Loop Continues

Here is a plot of my 24hr 1W WSPR signal using the 40m Magnetic Loop Antenna:


Next up tested PSK31 and JT65 with 20-30W of power. I made two solid contacts within 380 mi of the QTH which somewhat verifies the NVIS aspect I’d hoped for. I made some additional solid contacts on JT65 including to Guatemala and Cuba. The jury is still out on SSB though. I tried the Daytime Texas Traffic Net on 7.285 this morning and while I closed a contact with Net Control in Amarillo, Texas I was weak and I know there was some transmit problems on my side as the antenna was not tuned with precision. I’ll try again soon with the antenna tuned for 7.285 Mhz. The antenna held up well through the night and through a very windy day here at the QTH in South Texas.It swings around a bit so I may setup a “guy” wire to help position it. It has been largely oriented East-West. I should also note that it is about 2 S units quieter when compared to my main end-fed antenna.  So far so good!

UPDATE 1/11/2017: Made a 100W SSB contact to the Daytime Texas Traffic net. This time I tuned the antenna to a 1.42 SWR at the net frequency of 7.285Mhz. SWR behaved while transmitting and the net control copied my signal without issue. Net control was just east of Dallas in Kaufman, TX. 


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