Shack Deep Cleaned!

OK so today I did a deep cleaning of my workstation and therefore my ham shack. Aside from the numerous dust bunnies I also added some organizational items. I added a new surge protector just for devices powered by wall warts. I replaced my homemade window feed panel with an MFJ-4603.This is easy enough to install, just cut to length and add the weather stripping. This gives me two additional UHF connectors to test antennas with as well as ports for random wire, balanced line, N connector and F connector. The coax connectors were in good shape after twp years covered in Silicone fuse tape and electrical tape. I moved the MFJ-915 Line isolator to the outside right before the HF antenna coax comes in the shack.


Next up was the ground straps. When I originally setup he shack, I striped some coax of the shield braids to use as ground straps. I replaced these with some 1/4″ braid made for the purpose. I used this stuff from the rigs and tuner to the feed  panel. One the outside I used a 1″ braid ground strap and added a bronze clamp to the ground rod. I was shocked to find that the previous braid was only loosely connected to the ground rod and I started to suspect that might have been the cause of my receive noise. Sure enough once I tested the IC-7100 I noticed better background noise even on a K4 day.

Everything is back up now and I made some contacts on 20m and 15m this afternoon. The shack is much cleaner now and I may have solved a problems that had been bothering me for some time. I now also have multiple ports to test antennas with!


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