Bands Weak…

I have not been on the air much recently. Lots of work and work around the house lately. Tried spending some time on 20m on SSB but did not make many contacts. A notable contact was with KC5MOL on 20m. He responded to my CQ…from across town! Surprised that the 20m contact worked as well as it did over the short distance. Even JT65 has been a bit weak on DX. Overall propagation conditions have been really bad.

Meanwhile, I have reactivated an old blog on 3D printing. I am trying to spend some time to get a 3D printer operational after a long hiatus. This serves two purposes: 1.) I can clean up the shack a bit and 2.) I can use the printer to make parts to build antennas. Feel free to check out my activities in this area at BonoBots


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