Ok, this is not strictly a ham radio topic but it does involve aspects of radio and antenna design so I am going to post anyway in the hopes of learning a few things. I currently use cable for TV deliver along with some streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. I am frankly not happy with paying for 200+ channels when I only really watch two or three regularly. I have looked at getting free over the air stations locally through an antenna but really have not had much luck.I have tried amplifiers and amplified antennas but always found that the local channels I wanted the most were on the fringe. Here is what I have available locally as well as out a fair distance:


Here is the station detail to my QTH:



From these charts we can see the expected signals coverage, distance and bearing to each station. All but one station are UHF stations. Typically I have had issues picking up the ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates. My next post will show some surprising results with an antenna from a local source.


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