Hi-Voltage Capacitor Tweaks

Testing the Hi-voltage capacitor on the small magnetic loop antenna did uncover the need for a few improvements. First up is the tuning rod. The metal threaded rod does seem to couple with my body when I was tuning the loop. I plan to replace it with a nylon threaded rod of the same size (5/16″-18). Tuning the capacitor on the side with the exposed copper outer pipe is a bit risky. I grazed it a few times while trying to tune it while the tuning signal was being transmitted. No burns, but I definitely want to reduce the risk of that.I plan to either add some heat shrink tubing or just wrap some more PE sheet over the exposed sections. Having the capacitor up high does make adjustment a bit awkward. I may have to add an extension rod to facilitate that. I still plan to configure the 40m loop with the captor high and the coupling match low. For the small loop, I can adjust the vertical PVC posts again to accommodate the capacitor in the low position.I’ll replace the PVC cap and eye bolt with another reducer and coupling. Having the capacitor low should also help the balance of this loop on the tripod (not a problem with the larger loop as I plan to hang it).


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