General Update

I have been pretty busy lately and have only had short periods of time where I can play radio these past few weeks.

I managed to get the 20m EFHW antenna out as a vertical again last weekend and ran on 45W for about an hour. Had some really good contacts and one short rag-chew. I trimmed the antenna a bit more and got the resonance point into the voice part of the band. This antenna is really working well.

The portable station worked well on a partly cloudy day. I used the 52W foladable panel on this outing and it just kept up with the consumption of the rig. Direct sunlight is definitely a plus.

The 60W foldable panel may have a problem. I am only getting a little over 12V in full sunlight. I will need to check the wiring as I seem to recall it was much higher before.

I setup the Raspberry PI WSPR station on my desk with a short antenna and ran it for 24 hours. My base HF receiver was able to pick up the signal and provide decodes but no other station was able to copy it. I think my next attempt will be connecting it to the Magnetic Loop on 20m. I’ll have to dig around for a suitable cable adapter but I a pretty sure I have one handy in the shack.

Most of my contacts have been using JT-65 and JT-9 on 80m, 40m, 20m, 17m and 10m. The 10m contacts I got lucky with to South America. 17m has been pretty decent to Europe in the mid-morning hours.40m is decent to Australia in the early morning just before dawn (hey, I am an early riser). Most of the activity centers around 40m and 20m.

I adjusted the programming on my DMR radio per instructions that Joe, N5JLR, provided me. No issues with this at all.

I have not worked on the HSMM gear, the 40m NVIS Loop or upgrading my window feed panel due to time. The sun continues to slow up its activity for this cycle. Getting used to working 20m and below and looking at antennas that will be me do just that.



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