Raspberry PI WSPR – Good News…Bad News

I setup the 20m Raspberry Pi with the TAPR WSPR board and tested receive on my main rig. The good news is that it sync’d up and I could decode the signals. The bad news is that the power supply I was using was “dirty”. I switched to a USB External battery and got better results but unfortunately quickly drained the battery. The other concern was that no other stations copied the signal during the time it was operating.I will clearly need to play with this some more and try a better antenna. Here is my setup with battery and board in a food container:

On more good news, The board draws about .5A @ 5V which translates to about .19A at 12V. A 12V 7Ahr battery with a 10W solar panel should let me run this day and night. I can use a 12V USB car charger to provide the 12V to 5V conversion.


2 responses to “Raspberry PI WSPR – Good News…Bad News

  1. Rick October 3, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    What type of antenna were you using with this? I just got mine last week and need to make time to set it up.


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