20m EFHW Antenna On the Air!

It took awhile but I finally setup the EFHW antenna I has built and tuned for 20m up as a vertical outside late this afternoon. The antenna required no external tuner and I am able to run 45W into it without issue.

It worked beautifully!

This could be the best antenna I have built yet for 20m. I noticed low noise and lots of stations coming in. This on a day with SFI at 90 and SSN of 58.First contact was a soild 59 into Guatemala. Also had numerous stateside contacts all coming in nicely. One other DX into Brazil also 59. I ran the FT-817ND with solar power with the two 15W panels. Was able to put in over 1Ahr on the solar side and consumed only .66Ahr on the load side (rig and amplifier). Looks This will be my EMCOM goto system. Next step is to work on a linked antenna so that I can work other bands as needed. Here is the the whole station packed up:

Photo Sep 03, 6 43 09 PM


2 responses to “20m EFHW Antenna On the Air!

  1. Andrew VK1AD September 4, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    Curious to understand how are supporting the EFHW? Is the antenna arranged as an inverted V?
    Nice work, looking forward to reading more reports on you portable set up.
    73 Andrew VK1AD


    • rjbono September 4, 2016 at 7:16 pm

      I tie one end of the wire to the end of a SOTABeams 10m travel mast. Basic vertical setup. Matchbox sits on the ground. Will likely try an inverted V on 40m due to length otherwise just run vertical. I have used the same with a random wire end fed with success as well.

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