Portable Solar Battery Pack

A while back, I mentioned that I had been gifted four new 12V, 6Ahr batteries. I have been working on mounting them in a large plastic ammo box along with the connections and charge controllers to use with the solar panels and the radios.Last night I drilled out the holes for the outside connections and installed braces to hold the batteries in position. Here is what it looks like thus far:

Photo Aug 30, 8 19 28 AMPhoto Aug 30, 8 20 03 AM

The front has a power switch, a Voltage meter to monitor the battery state and an output for a single pair of Anderson power poles for the load. A 12V cigarette jack is located on the side in case I want to use a small AC inverter or some other 12V load.On the side not shown is another Power Pole connection for the solar panel input and a 12V cigarette jack. The second 12V jack is direct emergency access to the batteries either as load or for mains charging. I intend to keep this on disconnected internally and will only use in an emergency. Next steps are to mount the charge controller and two watt-meters inside the box and wire the whole thing up.




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