Using WSPR to Compare HF Antennas

Playing with WSPR over the last few months has got me thinking about how this data can be used to compare the performance of different HF antennas. My thought is to setup two WSPR stations at the same QTH running the same band and power output over a 12 to 24 hour period. I have done this with my homebrew magnetic loop antenna and my end fed Dxtreme antenna on 40m and 20m. The data is then downloaded and reporter data is compared over time. Attached are the results as well as the raw data for this initial test.

Using WSPR to Evaluate Antennas

20m WSPR Data

40m WSPR Antenna Test Data RevA Temp

My apologies for the rough data files but I am still working on how to crunch the numbers efficiently. The methodology appears sound and opens the door to quite a bit of additional potential experimentation.




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