EFHW Matchbox Complete!

Finished the EFHW Matchbox this afternoon. I ended up using a 6:1 turns ratio with 18 turns primary and 3 turns on the secondary. Here is the match through a 1.8K Ohm resistor on 20m:


An SWR of 1.12 with a resistance of 40 Ohms and zero Ohms of Reactance.

Resonance Baby!

Only problem is I can’t tune 40m or 10m. Looks like this setup will only work 30m through 12m bands. Still too much stray capacitance likely.

I marked the cap position for each band and then ran a sweep with the Mini60 Analyzer. This is still with the 1.8K resistor in place. The readings were as follows:


Looks like I’ll be ready to start cutting some wire. I’ll start my tests with 20m which needs a 10m radiator and a 1m counterpoise.I’ll run the 10m radiator as a vertical up the travel mast.


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