More on the EFHW Antenna

Steve Yates – AA5TB has written a good piece on the care and feeding of the End Fed Half Wave antenna. This is basically a half wave dipole that is fed on one end rather than in the middle. This allows simplification of the antenna mounting as with the random wire end fed antenna. An important difference is that it is resonant on the band it is cut for. Here is a diagram of what I will be building for 20m:


The antenna is cut for 20m half wavelength with a counterpoise that is .05 wavelength long. The match box is composed of a variable capacitor and a toroid transformer with an 1:8 turns ratio. Turns out I had nearly all the parts I needed to build this:


All that is missing is some banana jacks and plus for the wires.I have seen some good things about this antennas performance especially as a vertical. This should work well with the 10m mast. The capacitor is big enough to let me run this at 100W. I’ll try and build this out to test this weekend so stay tuned!


3 responses to “More on the EFHW Antenna

  1. Andrew VK1AD July 20, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    You can insert links in the radiator element to give you more bands. I have a hombrew 40m EFHW with links for 20 and 15m. You could easily insert a link for 10m.
    73, Andrew VK1AD


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