Test of 45W portable solar Station

I finally got my solar powered portable station out for a full power test. For this test I used the DXextreme 100 with a 33 foot wire setup in vertical configuration. The SOTAbeams portable mast was used to hold the wire up. This was feed with 50 feet of RG-8X coax. I used the FT-817ND with the amplifier and ran it this time on the full power 45W. This was powered as before with the two 12V 7Ahr gel cells and the 55W folding solar panel. Band conditions were not too bad today but there were few stations on the air. I worked outside for about 2 hours today and made four solid contacts. My signal was reported between 53 and 59 depending on the station I contacted. All were domestic contacts. I did hear some stations in South America on 15m but they could not hear me.

Power wise, I consumed 1.1Ahr and put in .3Ahr from the solar supply.That being said I was able to transmit fine with the batteries peaking at about 8.5A. Overall a successful test! Next step is to try this with the Buddipole/Buddistick as well.

Photo Jul 16, 1 48 14 PMPhoto Jul 16, 1 48 36 PM



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