My New Call Sign — NO5V

I have been trying for several months now to win a 1×2 or 2×1 call sign through the FCC vanity call program. Today I checked the database and found that I am no longer KG5EAO. My new call is NO5V, “No 5 volts”. Just kidding, I am “November Oscar 5 Victor”. My main reason for the change was that I was finding that my old call was only being picked up about half the time on the first go around with a QSO. The suffix is all vowels which turns out to be a bit of a tongue twister. The new call is clearer and quicker to speak.

Now about the vanity call process. There is a huge amount of competition when a new 1×2 or 2×1 call becomes available especially in my call area 5. The approach I finally took was to use AE7Q’s website to identify which call signs were coming up as available. I then crossed off the list those calls that I did not like.  I then setup a reminder on my Outlook program to apply for those calls on the date they became available. This is a key point. You can’t apply the day before or your application will be rejected. You can’t apply the day after it is available because you will lose out to those that applied for it on the day it became available. Once you are on the list, it will take about 18 days for the FCC to draw one qualifying call in lotto fashion to grant the call to. I was finding that the odds of this on a 1×2 call were pretty grim as there were usually 20 or more applicants competing. 2×1 calls are a little better. I won my call out of a field of about 10 total applications. 1 in 10 odds…wish I could do this good in Vegas!

Don’t be afraid to have open applications for more than one call going at the same time. If you don’t win the new call, your application is dismissed. If you win the new call and have open applications pending, they will be dismissed because they are under your old call which is now cancelled.

Now comes the fun part…changing all my online and software services to the new call and getting my local ham buddies to recognized the new call as well.


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