Battery Pack for Solar Station

I received four 12V, 6Ahr lead acid batteries that were excess to a local ham’s needs and I am looking making a portable battery pack for my solar station. Each battery is 3-1/2″x2-3/4″x 4″. In parallel, I can reliably get 12Ahr of capacity from these batteries at long life level (50% of total capacity of 24Ahr). What I am planning is to mount the four batteries into a plastic ammo box wired all in parallel. Into the box I will add two wattmeters, a solar charge controller and wire the outside with appropriate input/output connectors. With this I should be able to flick a switch to engage the batteries and then plug in my solar panel on one end and the load to the other. I may even put a 12V lighter socket and USB charger to it as well. In this way, I can get more battery capacity and isolate the radio gear from the heavier solar power supply. I may do something similar with the existing 7Ahr batteries and dedicate those to charging a laptop in an emergency. More to come on this but this should be a good project to have some backup power.


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