Recieving WSPR

Our local radio club, C.H.A.R.R.O., held its second monthly seminar today at the CAF museum at the Brownsville Airport. We had two great presentations today. Dick, WB5B, gave us some info on WSPR and on how it can be used to monitor propagation using weak signals. Clifford, N5CEY, showed us how to make stealth VHF & UHF slot antennas using old satellite dishes. He gave three of them away as door prizes! Nice.

The WSPR presentation got me interested in setting up at least receive only while I am away for the next couple of weeks on business. I setup my SDRplay through HDSDR to route the receiver output through a virtual audio cable to the WSPR application. I didn’t know if any of this was working as I got no signals on 30m. I switched to 20m and I have started decoding signals. I’ll keep this running and check wsprnet while I am away and see how its doing.


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