Update on Toroid Coupling

I spent some time yesterday working with the toroid coupling. This time I used #18 insulated wire on the FT140-43 toroid. It still worked out to 4 turns being the best match on 20m. The SWR worked out to 1.02 on this band. I was getting SWR of 1.2 on both 17m and 20m. The smaller gauge wire is much easier to deal with. Also found that I can move the toroid to just against my vertical PVC support and hold it in place with the Velcro tying the feedline to the PVC. May be a solution for field work after all but I’d need to test this on the 12m and 10m bands as well. During testing I managed two 5W SSB contacts from inside the shack with good signals reports. One was in Georgia and the other in Cuba.


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