And Now for Something Completely Different…

I have discovered the ham activities with High Speed Multimedia (HSMM) and am very interested in playing with this. I have ordered the new ARRL book on the subject and meanwhile have been scouring the internet for more info.It turns out that I have two of the Linksys routers needed for this gathering dust in my “obsolete” box. In my case these are Linksys WRT54GS v1 routers.I also have an old wireless access point that I can bring into service. My thinking is to try and get a couple of nodes working here at the QTH to test the system out. Stock antennas should be good to about a 300ft range. If I can get this all to work then I can look at getting a longer range, portable system in place and seeing if I can find another local ham who would be interested in playing with this technology. I like the idea of working in the microwave range as there are a lot of fun antenna projects that can be brought to bear.This may also have some application in EMCOMM which would be interesting to explore as well.

So many new things to try in this hobby!


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