Nice day to Test New Antenna

Another great weekend here in South Texas. The temperature actually broke 90 degrees here today which is pretty warm for the last day in January. I took the FT-817ND out again this afternoon and tested a 30 foot vertical end fed antenna. Managed three contacts with it this afternoon. The antenna uses a SOTA beams travel mast that I lashed to a support on the neighbors hurricane fence. The antenna element is a piece of 20 gauge speaker wire tied to the second to the last section. The other end ties to a 9:1 matchbox. I then use a 50 foot piece of RG-8X coax to the rig. I have to use the tuner in this configuration. Here is the setup:

Photo Jan 31, 2 21 16 PMPhoto Jan 31, 2 21 14 PM

Look like the setup works decent. Receive was quite good. I made a contact each on 15, 17 and 20m with the furthest being in St. Lucia. Fun afternoon of outdoor radio!

Here is what all the station components look like when taken down. Clearly a fairly light set of bits for hiking. Just need  to find something to lash the pole to.

Photo Jan 31, 4 15 00 PM

For my next trick…I am going to setup both the end fed vertical along with the magnetic loop antenna and switch both to do a subjective listening test.


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