Outdoor HF…only in South Texas!

The Northeast sector of the country is completely snowed in. Here in South Texas the day was absolutely gorgeous. Clear blue sky and temp in the mid-60’s. Too good to stay indoors so I decided to setup outside for awhile this afternoon. Unlike other times I have done this, I decided to go minimalist. I took out the homebrew Magnetic Loop antenna, the Yaesu FT-817ND and a set of earbuds. I ran this afternoon completely on the internal power of a fully charged battery pack. I forced operation on the rig to 5W and just had some fun.

Propagation was not too good on 10m or 12m so I stuck on 20m thru 15m. I made two good contacts as part of the Montana QSO party but not to much more. But really the day was just to nice to sweat over it. I stayed out till just before dusk as it started getting quite cold outside as the sun went down. The battery pack was just about depleted after about 3 hours of operation. Just before I shut down for the afternoon, I switched bands to 15m and tuned to 21.200 and was greeted with a strong 59 signal from Argentina calling CQ. He had just started calling and he picked me up with a 53 and a short chat. What a great feeling and a cap to a great afternoon of enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!


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