More Outdoor HF!

Another beautiful afternoon here so another great excuse to operate HF portable QRP. Conditions were not great and I only closed a few domestic contacts. Last night I used the W4RT fast charger and topped off the FT-817ND battery pack. Here is what the station looks like  before setup:

Photo Jan 24, 1 32 02 PM

The bag holds the Magnetic loop antenna and the rig, microphone, earbuds and logbook are shown next to it. Setup time is under 5 minutes and I figure I can easily set this up for backpack carry ( I sense a trip to Academy Sporting Goods coming up soon…). Today I swept each band 20m-17m-15m from low to high with the antenna oriented first north-south and then east-west. The deployed station looks like this:

Photo Jan 24, 1 36 56 PM

Teardown was under 5 minutes and all in all a really enjoyable experience was had today.



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