ARRL 10m Contest

The ARRL 10m contest started this weekend. I decided to try running the contest as single operator. low power on SSB only. For me, the contest start was right around dusk so the band was closed out of the gate. I did not start working the contest until mid afternoon today and worked till just before dusk. Made 20 contacts on SSB, 17 of which were to South America. All US contacts were to the Pacific Northwest. I found it strange that I did not hear more stateside contacts. I tried calling CQ a few times but got nowhere. After I logged out of the contest for the day, I noticed on the spotter map that most Stateside stations had moved to CW. Conditions for 10m were not strong today so that may have motivated the mode change.I tried using the 10m Magnetic loop on the FT-817 but did not hear hardly any stations.

UPDATE (12/14/2015): Worked 10 more stations yesterday afternoon before the contest ended. Stations were basically oriented the same as on Saturday. All stateside contacts were either in WA or OR and all other contacts were in South America. Checking the HAMCAP maps seem to confirm that propagation is oriented in these directions.


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