MFJ-939Y Tuner Update

I like the MFJ-939Y tuner over the YT-450 from LDG that I used before. The tune cycle is very fast and works well with my end fed antenna. As I have discussed on my initial post on this subject, the only issue I am having is with getting the tuner to work with the Yaesu FT-450D as indicated in their manual and literature. It is supposed to work just like having a Yaesu FC-40 tuner connected to the rig.The first issue was a bad MFJ-5514Y interface cable to connect to the rig. It took a while to identify this as the problem but MFJ sent a replacement. With this new cable the rig and radio started talking to each other. The radio starts a tuning cycle but never releases control back to the radio. My next call to MFJ and it was suggested that his was a firmware problem and that they could send me a new MCU chip with the updated firmware. I replaced the chip but the problem persists. Next step would be to send the whole unit in for repair. I have decided that I will live with the issue and continue to activate a tuning cycle with the C.S./SWR key. The downside is that I cannot do this remotely and I have to hold it down long enough to ensure a proper match.

I cannot fault MFJ for their efforts to resolve the problem. When you call them you get a real live person and they will make every effort to resolve the problem and ship the replacement parts in a very timely manner. What does concern me is that the cable issue was clearly quality control problem that could be resolved fairly easily on their end.

If anyone else has the SAME problem with this tuner and finds a fix please let me know. For now I am done with messing with this and plan to move on.


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