USB Hub causes Havok…

I have two USB hubs that connect various peripherals to my main PC running HRD among other things. One is a generic that is connected but never used while the other is an Amazon branded hub that supports all my USB connections from the radio gear. I noticed that nothing connected to the hub was working…sigh. Everything appeared to come back up once i swapped the connections to the other hub. I pulled the wall wart from the Amazon hub and sure enough it wasn’t putting any voltage out. I have ordered a replacement.

Meanwhile, I tried some PSK31 today and found some strange behavior. I was able to receive signals without issues but I could not transmit. The Signalink would click briefly then DM780 would hang. After goofing around with it a bit I moved to the signal link website FAQ. It suggested that this behavior might be caused by an under powered USB hub. I moved the Signalink to connect directly with the USB port on the computer and I was back up on transmit.

Very strange and very subtle behaviors but hey at least its working again now.

UPDATE (12/3/2015): I received and installed the new USB hub and it worked pretty much as expected. I was locking up the RTL-SDR dongle again when transmitting on 20m and above.I added a ferrite to the rig control cable and the issue went away. Only RFI issue remaining now is the USB speakerphone which still goes whacky on 20m and above. I have some more ferrite on order as I am motivated to get this fixed once and for all!



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