Chasing a bit ‘O DX

Today is October 10th. I celebrate by very first DX contact one year ago on the 14th. Unfortunately, I will not be making any contacts that day as I have a business trip coming up. Best I can hope for is to check in to our local net on Echolink…from China. I can also at least listen in on the bands using

There is something about DX to the South Pacific that I really enjoy. Perhaps its the thought of being on a remote Island connected to the rest of the world only through the radio. Several DX activations are going on right now in that area. I recently made a 10m contact with Niue and yesterday the North Cook Islands came in on 12m with heavy QSB. He was coming in to the QTH here as about a 54. I sent out my call on 100W and it is still a great thrill to hear him respond. I also made a confirmed contact with Bonaire off the coast of Venezuela on 17m yesterday. This station was working a big pile-up but I managed to get through after a while.

There are a couple of more in the pacific that I am working on now…maybe I will be able to have a QSO with them later today. Conditions have been poor the last few days and today isn’t shaping up much better. The Chesterfield Island and Tuvalu activation’s are going on for a few more days so I will give see if I can pick them up.


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