What was I thinking???

So I get the 1000V 150pF capacitor to get 40m running on the magnetic loop antenna. I installed it with no issue and then tried to tune the 40m band. Swept the whole range of the capacitor  and did not pickup an increase in noise indicating I had it tuned in. I got the Mini60 out and ran a sweep at minimum capacitance setting on 40m. It found a match at about 6.8Mhz…clearly way to low. The extra 30pF was enough to knock it out of tuning range. Sigh…

Looking around I could not find a 120pF 2kV capacitor so I ordered another one at 1kV. This will limit operation to about 15W.

I was also having problems tuning the 15m band all of a sudden. As I was checking why this was happening, I noticed that the capacitor was binding near the end of its tuning range. Last time I had opened up the capacitor box I noticed that the screws holding the 6:1 reduction gear in place had come loose so I tightened them. Doing this without checking for alignment caused the binding. So the good news is that a simple adjustment and I got 15m with the large coax loop back.

Everything but 40m is working now with this antenna.


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