Mini60 Analysis Software

AK4R, Steve, offers a handy Windows utility for using the MIni60 antenna analyzer with a PC. He offers it on Ebay for $5.50 (do a search for “Mini60 software”). This is a Visual Basic based utility that has some neat features if you are working with the Mini60 and a PC. Selection of amateur band specific sweeps is real easy and the step size can be varied for more detail. There is also a continuous sweep mode. I found these two features to be very useful working with the sharp SWR of the magnetic loop antenna. I can run coarse sweeps while adjusting the antenna tuning until I can see the “dip”. Then I stop continuous sweeps and do a fine sweep to measure the SWR. The program also saves the sweep data in a csv file suitable for use with Zplots and the data and graphic are stored in the system clipboard making copy and paste operations easy with Excel or Word. The install package also includes working USB/serial drivers for the mini60. Steve has also been very responsive via email supporting the software.


All in all this is a handy utility for the Mini60 and well worth a look.


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