More Noise…Sigh….

Now that the RTL-SDR songle is working again as my panadapter…I noticed a lot of noise spikes on my HF spectrum. Tracked it down to the 12V 15A supply I was using for the FT-2900R. I tried to suppress the noise using ferrites but it didn’t have an effect so I am figuring the supply itself is radiating. I moved the FT-2900R to the Samlex supply and it is now sharing with the Yaesu FT-450D. Not a problem running both as long as I don’t try to transmit with both at the same time. I’ll keep the noisy supply when I try and operate the FT-2900R on the 2m Moxon when I get the mast up and running.

Otherwise, the rig is running real smooth now and playing very nicely with all my computer and USB peripherals.


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