Tweaks to the Magnetic Loop Antenna

I cut some struts to support a smaller diameter coax loop on the magnetic loop antenna. This worked out great. The 6 foot coax is now tunable from 20m through 10m and uses a loop diameter of less than two feet.The 10 foot coax is tunable from 40m thru 15m and results in a loop diameter of just over three feet. The whole thing is highly portable and given my testing on 20m highly effective with up to 20W power. Here is the smaller loop:

Photo Aug 22, 2 11 47 PM

And here is the larger loop. Note how the only thing that changes are the three cross PVC pipe supports:

Photo Aug 22, 2 14 57 PM

Last modification to make is installing the capacitor and switch to use on 40m which I will do once I have completed testing the resistance losses. This was delayed as I needed to order an LM317 to use as a constant current source (Have I said lately how I miss Radio Shack?).


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