What’s Next for the Magnetic Loop?

I plan a series of detailed measurements for the magnetic loop antenna on 40m through 10m. First I need to build a small constant current source circuit based on a LM317 regulator. I will use this to measure the connection losses between the loop and the capacitor, as well as the losses of the cap itself. I can enter the resulting loss values into the design spreadsheet to see the effect as well as work to minimize what losses there are in the connections.Next, I will take the loop outside in the clear mounted at least one loop diameter over ground. I will tune up each band and take some SWR plots with the Mini60. This will give me a clear view of what I can expect with this antenna.

I have given some thought to a copper pipe version using 1″ copper tubing and a vacuum variable capacitor. My estimate on the cost in the $300 range. Would have to clearly beat the coax version for me to proceed…


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