Planned improvements to the Magnetic Loop antenna

I have two shorter lengths of RG-213 patch cable on order for the magnetic loop antenna.This should allow operation in the 12m and 10m bands. Will experiment between 6 ft and 5 ft loop circumference for the best match. Before drilling another hole in the case for a 40m toggle switch I decided to try just clipping the 120pF silver Mica capacitor in parallel with the variable capacitor. With this in place I was able to tune the 40m band. I did not check on the antenna analyzer but noticed that the best I could do on the Yaesu FT-817ND was three SWR bars. I was not able to make any contacts but I will keep trying. I will also run it through the antenna analyzer and see what is going on on 40m in much more detail. Next up will be thinking about how to remotely tune the antenna and trying it against the DXterme on the FT-450D. For the latter I need to get a coax switch with the idea of testing receive capabilities between the two antennas. I can transmit on the FT-450D as long as I limit power to about 15W max due to the capacitor voltage rating.


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