Finished some chores around the Shack

Took some time this weekend to fix a few things around the shack. First up was fixing the head of my camera tripod I use with the Buddistick and Magnetic loop antenna. A little epoxy fixed the head. Now just have to sand it a bit so the mounting pipe doesn’t fit down do tight. The magnetic loop antenna needed a reliable way to connect a wooden tuning dowel stick to the tuning capacitor. Electrical tape was what I was using and was quite crude. I took a piece of 1/2″ aluminum rod out to the mini-lathe and about 20 minutes later had a decent little shaft coupler:

Photo Aug 11, 11 07 48 AM

This little gadget really helps with the tuning and makes operating the Magnetic Loop Antenna a lot more comfortable. Essentially a 1″ piece of 1/2″ diameter aluminum rod with a 1/4″ hole bored through it. Then drilled and tapped a couple of holes for 4-40 screws.

Next up was fixing the 2m Moxon. I had not glued the PVC pieces together and even the elements were slipping out of their mounts. A bit of 5 minute epoxy fixed all of that. Thanks to Ross, W3OQ, for providing me with a PL-259 to replace the one I damaged on last use. Antenna is ready for more testing with an eye for nights with good ducting.


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