Upgrades and Tests of the Magnetic Loop Antenna

Received the 6:1 gear reducer for the tuning capacitor on the Homebrew Magnetic Loop Antenna. I had to trim a bit off the shaft the capacitor to make it all fit in the box but got it worked out. I also installed a bracket to the box to hold it onto the PVC mast. I also trimmed the PVC supports and cut notches to support the RG-213. This was handy as it gets rid of all the cable ties I used in my first tests. I cut out one of the capacitor gangs and it now tunes 20m, 17m & 15m with no issues. For some reason 12m and 10m are still out of range (will do some capacitance testing next to find out why). Here are some pictures of the changes:

Photo Aug 01, 6 31 03 PMPhoto Aug 01, 6 31 17 PM

Photo Aug 01, 6 31 33 PMPhoto Aug 01, 6 31 49 PM

I took this outside this evening and pointed it in the NE direction. It takes a little practice to learn how to tune it up. First get a rough tune until receive noise is highest. With a little practice you get close. Next use lower power and tune until SWR is minimized.

Doing this I heard many stations coming in real well. The receive on this antenna and rig are quite good. I heard ON7TQ working a modest pile-up and called him stating “QRP” at the end of my call. He returned my call and I received a 44 signal report! My first contact on the loop and its DX breaking the 1000 Mile per watt barrier!


Now that I know this works I am going to clean a few things up on it and find a bag or case that will let me transport it. This should work great at the SPI condo in place of the End fed wire.

Here is what the antenna looks like when it is broken down:

Photo Aug 01, 8 57 09 PM


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